Demise of the Gricers

A new ‘Red Eye’ experience by Entered that will take place on a high-profile new location; a classical and worn train shunting shed! This horror game won’t feature an intimate or personal story, but provide a small glimpse into a macabre world for you to discover.

What you can expect is an unforgettable adventure with unparalleled gameplay, multiple actors, technical systems, an oppressive, industrial yet beautiful audiovisual atmosphere to sparkle you with and a fictional world that you want to immerse yourself in, all in a fantastic location.

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Made possible by the province of Limburg and municipality of As.

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The Nightmare of Eveline Shadow

A real-life horror game with an immersive story that takes you deep into the eerie emptiness of the massive Marriott:Renaissance Hotel of Amsterdam. The Nightmare of Eveline Shadow features a tenseful buildup that crawls under you skin, places you in front of memorable dilemma’s and once it gets a hold of you won’t let go.

Horror writer Eveline Shadow was working on her newest novel ‘The Nightmare’ in her hotel room, before she mysteriously disappeared. Ever since, things are off; her presence can still be felt in the hotel.

When reality starts to blur and her writings dwell in the eerie hallways, do you dare to advance through the story to bring it to an end?

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I Can Hear You

“You’re hidden under a table and see in the reflection of the window the stature nearby. Your heart beats in you throat and your breathing seems deafening. Slowly you hear footsteps of the stature coming towards you…”

Awarded as a TERPECA-award finalist as one of the best immersive games worldwide, I Can Hear You is an intense and intimate real-life horror game that takes place in the old abandoned hospital of ‘Maas en Kempen’.

Your research team receives a case from private detective organization ‘Red Eye’. There are rumors suggesting former surgeon Sergey F. Staalmaat has moved into the vacant hospital to work on all kinds of lurid practices. You need to break into the hospital unseen, stay out of the hands of the surgeon and find out what he’s up to!

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The Red Eye is a fictional organization within our horror game worlds that deploys the players to solve multiple macabre cases. Within each case you’ll learn more and more about this mysterious organization. Games that feature the Red Eye as an overarching narrative will be labeled visually as such and in that regard, it will also serve as seal of quality.

The Red Eye is a dark organization that manages an off the grid network of amateur private detectives to solve uncomfortable mysteries that originate from the darkest pits of society. They deploy research teams of different capabilities to direct a spotlight towards areas where the law is not upheld or fails outright.

You can recognize games within the Red Eye universe from the Red Eye label. Within one glance you’ll know what type of game this is going to be. Every game is unique and has its own story and gameplay. At the same time there is a recipe and feeling inherent to a Red Eye experience.

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"“Een levensechte horrorgame” – VTM (tv)"

"“Alle ingrediënten zijn aanwezig voor een horrorfilm beleving” – L1 (rado/tv)"

"“Levensecht horrorspel. De angst zit er goed in!” – De Limburger (krant)"

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