Demise of the Gricers

Demise of the Gricers

A new 'Red Eye' real-life horror game



A new ‘Red Eye’ experience by Entered that will take place on a high-profile location; a classical and worn train shunting shed! This horror game won’t feature an intimate or personal story, but provide a small glimpse into a macabre world for you to discover. And maybe the title of this new project already provides more info than you think?

As always after launching something, in the first months the game is still being tweaked, but the responses we’re seeing from the players so far are astonishing.

What you can expect is an unforgettable adventure with a game unlike anything else, multiple actors, technical systems, an oppressive, industrial yet beautiful audiovisual atmosphere to sparkle you with and a fictional world that you want to immerse yourself in, all on a fantastic location.

Demise of the Gricers is playable for a maximum of ten players that will be divided into two teams. Every team will experience a different aspect of the storyline. Currently, only one section is open, and thus the maximum capacity is five players.

Made possible by the province of Limburg and municipality of As.

Quotes from the first players!

"The most epic setting I have ever Entered in over 1700+ games played."

"It is almost poetic how well they have thought about this."

"The concept is strong, really unique to play, I've never experienced anything like it. I want to go again."

"You guys are way too cheap, this is such a unique adventure. I would pay 500 euros for it."

"I expect a call from the lost and found department. That they have found my sense of reality and time, because I lost it there."

"It was extremely refreshing to play a scary game, with a highly original topic, with an elaborated inventive narrative and which is conveyed during the game in a great way."

Book now!

To book (if on mobile scroll down) and if on PC select on the right -> ‘Demise of the Gricers’ -> ‘See Listings’ -> ‘Book Now’ and go through the booking process. With your booking you can select your language. EN for English and NL for Dutch.

Standard slot times

Friday: 17:30, 20:00, 22:30
Saturday: 12:30, 15:00, 17:30, 20:00, 22:30
Sunday: 12:30, 15:00, 17:30, 20:00

Weekdays: Upon request via email. Please allow for additional start-up costs.

Price from €70 p.p.

Location: As, Belgium.
Parking: Here

Want to play with more than five players? – Contact us via email!

Keep in mind that you will be on location for about 2 hours 15 min if you book Gemise of the Gricers’ (incl. debriefing). During the Extended-version you will be 4 hours on location (incl. debriefing).

Wear old clothes and easy shoes that may get dirty. Make sure you are well rested, the game is physical and you want to perform optimally mentally and physically.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Let us know if you have a question that’s not in the FAQ and think we should add that.

Where is the game located?

Stationstraat 126 in As, Belgium is a good starting point as an indication. Precise directions will be sent by mail as instructions.

Navigating address to park the car is here:

For how many people is the game playable?

For three – five players per group per game.

Three is more tense and focused.

Four is balanced and best of both worlds.

With five you can tackle and explore more of the world. At least… if you dare to split up

If you want to come with two players, this is possible, but you still do need to pay the price of three people minimum.

How much is a ticket?

Ticket prices on weekends for Demise of the Gricers are €249 for three players (€83 p.p.), €300 for four players (€75 p.p.) and €350 for five players (€70 p.p.).

For the Extended-version, ticket prices on weekends are €450 for three players (€150 p.p.), €530 for four players (€132,50 p.p.) and €600 for five players (€120 p.p.).

In return, we give you an unforgettable adventure with a game unlike any other, multiple actors, technical systems, an oppressive, industrial, yet mesmerising audiovisual atmosphere to savour and a fictional world to explore, all in a fantastic location. Factor in two hours (of four hours during the Extended-version) of being on location (including post-screening). Converted per hour, this comes to €30 – €41 per person.

On weekdays, prices are higher as we face higher start-up costs. Contact us to enquire about the possibilities.


What languages is the game playable in?

The game is playable in both Dutch and English. Importantly, however, audio is only available in English, Dutch subtitles are provided for this – just like in a film. The audio is English because it was recorded with professional voice actors, the characters are not from Benelux and it is more cinematic. If you can speak English, we also recommend English subtitles because this is easier to read and listen to. You can choose this per person.

Please select the correct language you want when booking: NL for Dutch and EN for English. (This applies to the language of the actors and the general game communications).

Will the game be playable for people with crutches or in a wheelchair?

Unfortunately not. The game is not playable with crutches or in a wheelchair.

We definitely explored the option. But the locomotives and trains have steep vertical stairs to enter, and this being such an integral part of the game in which safety is essential, we let it slide.

The game is pretty physical, with crawling, simple climbing and sometimes you have to make agile or swift maneuvers.

We hope to make our next game accessible again for those who have mobility problems, like I Can Hear You and The Nightmare of Eveline Shadow was.

If you’re in doubt regarding mobility or have a special request feel free to contact us. We’re always open to see if we can provide a solution!

What is the age limit?

Demise of the Gricers is from age 18 years and older. 16+ aged are also allowed provided that an 18+ person is playing the game with them.

Under no circumstances will Demise of the Gricers be allowed for players younger than 16. We have however, a different real-life game on the location for 10+ years and older called the Machinist.

For who is the game not suitable for?

  • People with heart problems
  • Pregnant women
  • People with epilepsy
  • Wheelchair users, walking with crutches and less mobile people
  • People who can’t crawl or climb ladders
  • Blind or hearing impaired people
  • Children under 16 years old (and between 16 and 18 must be accompanied by someone 18+).
  • If you cannot understand & speak good English or Dutch.
  • People without energy or already tired before the game starts (the game is physically physical)
  • People who cannot read a small font (please contact us if you are in doubt about this and so bring your reading glasses if you have them).

Do I know beforehand with whom I'm playing?

Momentarily you can only book per team. This means you are in control who you’re playing with in your team. Think carefully though! If you want to increase your survival chances, it might be best to bring the most scared person of your friends group who is willing to come. You can then easily sacrifice that person to save your own skin. (This last thing is a joke). (Or maybe not muahaha).

The other team playing at the same time is on their own mission and you have nothing else to do with them. If that booking is not booked by someone you know, these will be strangers.

Will I like the second part of Demise of the Gricers?

We have two sides. One has the subtitle Deception of Babak, the other one is yet to be revealed. You can definitely play the other side of Demise of the Gricers if you enjoyed the first time. The other side takes place in a different part of the ‘world of the Gricers’ with different story elements and areas.

Did you not enjoy your first time, then the other side is going to do little to change that. Gameplaywise and structurally it’s very similar.

How many players do you recommend per team?

Each player number has its own charm. With three players, it is exciting and focused. With four players it is balanced and with five players it is easier to explore more of the world. At least… if you dare to split up.


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