Demise of the Gricers

Demise of the Gricers

A new 'Red Eye' real-life horror game



A new ‘Red Eye’ experience by Entered that will take place on a high-profile new location; a classical, worn and desolate train shunting shed! This horror game won’t feature an intimate or personal story, but provide a small glimpse into a macabre world for you to discover. And maybe the title of this new project already provides more info than you think?

The first playtests have been completed, the game still needs a lot of work, there are still many frustrations, but the first responses of players are super promising.

Demise of the Gricers is playable for a maximum of ten players that will be divided into two teams. Every team will experience a different aspect of the storyline. Tickets will be sold per person.

Expected to launch in September 2022!

Made possible by the province of Limburg and municipality of As

Quotes from the first test players

"How in gods name have you come up with this?!"

"Crazy to see to what level the theme is incorporated. "

"The concept is strong, really unique to play, I've never experienced anything like it."

"The game is already wow. Actually, you only have to remove the frustrations."

"My body is ready to sacrifice to the train gods!"

"You have something special in your hands. It's very original. Now you need to finetune it. "

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Frequently Asked Questions


The FAQ will be updated when we release more info about the game!

When is Demice of the Gricers expected to launch?

Demise of the Gricers is expected in to launch in September 2022 in bèta!

What does it mean to go in bèta?

To create a real-life game, means an extensive design process must be completed with many, many playtests. We’re walking off the beaten path with our gameplay. In the meantime we know the core of the game works, but there are many factors to take into account, that we can’t all think of upfront. This costs a lot of time.

Bèta means, we aren’t yet on the level with the game like we want to, but the game is feature complete and the core of the game works like a charm. There will still be bugs, actors won’t be on the desired level yet and some things in this complex beast of a creation will still go wrong. To reflect this correctly, the price of the tickets during the bèta project will be reduced.

What will be the ticket price?

Normal ticket price will likey be 65 EUR per person. Huge changes in circumstances (like a huge inflation rise) could still influene this for example.

In change we will provide for you an unforgettable adventure with a game unlike anything else, multiple actors, special effects to sparkle your eyes and a fictional world that you want to immerse yourself in, all on a fantastic location.

The bèta version will be sold for a reduced ticket price. The reason being that the game is not yet on the desired quality level.

For how many people is the game playable?

The game is playable for a maximum of ten people. These will be divided in two teams of maximum five persons.

Will the game be playable for people with crutches or in a wheelchair?

Unfortunately not. The game is not playable with crutches or in a wheelchair.

We definitely explored the option. But the locomotives and trains have steep vertical stairs to enter, and this being such an integral part of the game in which safety is essential, we let it slide.

The game is pretty physical, with crawling, simple climbing and sometimes you have to make agile or swift maneuvers.

We hope to make our next game accessible again for those who have mobility problems, like I Can Hear You and The Nightmare of Eveline Shadow was.

What is the age limit?

Demise of the Gricers is from age 18 years and older. 16+ aged are also allowed provided that an 18+ person is playing the game with them.

Under no circumstances will Demise of the Gricers be allowed for players younger than 16. We are however, developing a version on the location for 10+ years and older.

What languages is the game available in?

The game is available in Dutch and English. However, some parts are only available in English, because of story reasons.

By default, the game will be played in Dutch, so if you want to play the game completely in English please let us know with your booking. We do believe the English version is slightly more cinematic.

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